Elani Lezar

ELani Lezar

Teaches WordPress

Recommended Tweaks & Settings

Hey there you beautiful people!


What you will learn in this video:

If you have never done this on your WordPress, new installation or old, these tweaks and settings will make a difference.

  • Uninstalling unnecessary themes that bloat your site and server space.
  • Setting your permalinks so that people can read your site URLs in a way that makes sense, the stock standard version is gibberish.
  • Securing your website with auto-updating your plugins -which I am going to show you how to set (outdated plugins cause serious security risks).


  • Theme Check

    Deleting unnecessary themes and then setting necessary themes to auto-update.

  • Permalinks

    Setting your WordPress website to display the permalinks on your website in a way that will make it easy to read for your customer/viewers (You will understand the structure of permalinks when you see it 😉

  • Plugins

    I will show you how to set all of your Plugins to auto-update, meaning that when a new update is released, by the people who developed the plugin, it will automatically update without you having to do anything. The benefits of this are huge, trust me on this, you don’t want to know how many, not 100’s but 1000’s of websites get hacked EVERY single day, because people don’t update their themes and plugins.