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Our collection of free WordPress video tutorials is designed to give you a comprehensive understanding of how to manage, update, and secure your website. From the basics of editing to more advanced coding techniques, we have got you covered.

We understand that not everyone has a background in web development, which is why we begin with easy-to-follow tutorials and gradually progress to more challenging topics. Get the most out of your website with our step-by-step guide to mastering the essentials of WordPress.


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About Me

From a young age, I have always dreamed of travelling beyond the wild hills of Africa that I was raised on. Cut to today, I have the privilege of being in Portugal, getting to grips with a new language while discovering the culture, local wines and breath-taking scenery around me.

With the experience I’ve gained over the past 10 years in WordPress, coding, and various other online tools, I want to give back and help others avoid the trials and tribulations I faced when I first started learning.

My journey has been a hard-won one, but I hope that by sharing my knowledge and insights through these videos, I can make the process a little easier for you. As I continue to grow, so will the quality of my content, but I’m committed to providing the resources you need to succeed.

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