Elani Lezar

ELani Lezar

Teaches WordPress


Technical Support


We help solve any of your technical problems or issues that you may encounter with any web related services. Don’t be shy to ask.

Do You Need Help?

I can help you with one-time fixes or ongoing maintenance support for-

Your Website:

  • Adding or removing plugins from website
  • Updating Themes and Plugins
  • Making Website Changes
  • HTML & CSS – All Styling Issues
  • Provide A Website Analysis
  • Fixing Broken Links
  • PHP Issues
  • Website Migration
  • etc.

Your Computer:

  • Maintaining your PC
  • Repairing/installing software
  • Speed-up slow PC
  • Removing malware and viruses
  • etc.

If you host with us:

  • Manage Email Accounts:
    Fixing Spam Problems,
    Setting up DKIM, SPF, DMARC Records
  • Malware & Hacked Website Clean-up
  • etc.


Cost is €35 per hour, if you feel that your problem will require more time, send me a mail and I will see how I can accommodate you with a better price. If you need something fixed, but don’t see it listed, don’t be shy to ask anyway,