WordPress Page-Speeds Google Will Love

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  • Last Update April 1, 2021


WordPress Page Speeds Google Will Love Course:

Have you ever wondered what more you can do to increase your website ranking? Well, by increasing your WordPress Page Speed Google Will Love you and rank you higher.

The best news about it all? You can learn how to do it for yourself,  quickly and easily, it will only take you a few hours and the results will be so worth-it.

Keep in mind that the type of server your Website is hosted on will greatly influence your WP page speed!

I hope that you enjoy the course, remember if you cannot find the time to do it or a bit scared of doing something wrong I will also be able to do it for you.

Need any help? Don’t hesitate to contact me here: Contact me

What Will I Learn?

  • How to make your WordPress lightning fast.
  • How to make a Backup of your WordPress Website.
  • How to Install and activate the right Plugins.
  • How to tweak certain plugins so you can improve your site performance.
  • Improve your Website - Improve your Business

Topics for this course

10 Lessons47m


Let's get acquainted...
Let’s Get Acquainted2:20

Backing Up Your WordPress Website?

Let's make a back-up

Install Plugins?

Installing much needed Plugins


Let's start optimising those images...

Give Your Site Wings?

Let's make it fly....

Cleaning The WordPress Attic?

Time to clean our databases....

Sending Your Website To A Language Optimisation Class?

HTML, CSS, JS Optimization is key to your website speed success.

Karate Your Website Bugs Like A Ninja?

How to bust out the page speeds in your site.

Settings & Tweaks?

The cherry on top....

Tips For The Future?

Healthy website do's and don'ts

Famous Last Words?

I'd appreciate your feedback....

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Great short course!!!

I have about two years of experience with WordPress design, but I needed to improve my skills especially where speed and page ranking are concerned.

This was definitely the right class.

I didn't want a full beginner course on using WordPress since I'm already familiar and Elani delivered. Elani instructs her students on which plugins to use for their sites and she explained everything I needed to know about improving page speeds in one easy-to-digest lecture.

This was short, sweet, and too the point.

She didn't waste time and everything was done systematically. I had tried to improve page speeds by piecing together information from various sources across the internet, but this class was totally worth the price to get it all in one place--and knowing that these plugins have been tested again and again makes me feel much more comfortable using them.



  • Have a WordPress Website.
  • Know your username and password for your WordPress site.
  • Basic Pc Knowledge - how to switch between screens

Target Audience

  • Beginner - Intermediate WordPress Users wanting to improve their WordPress speed and ranking.
  • Online Entrepreneurs, Small to Medium Business Owners serious about customer satisfaction.
  • Anyone who owns a WordPress website, who wants to improve their site performance and ranking.
  • Web Designers who wants to learn a new skill they can provide their clients.